Swear jar alert: bugger, bugger, bugger, shit, bugger, bum! Yep, I slipped this week and IT SHOWED. At my weigh in this morning I hadn’t lost any weight AT ALL.

Damn it. I was mildly disappointed. To say the least. Luckily, I feel substantially stronger and slimmer than last week, so I’m going to chalk that one up to: stop drinking that lovely bubbly stuff, you naughty woman, and get back on that treadmill. Also, as mentioned in the last post, I’ve not been able to go swimming as much this week and I think swimming really helps to burn those extra calories. Plus, eating curry takeaway is a sure fire way to NOT lose weight.

Alternatively, I could be hitting that wall where one’s exercise regime makes one stronger and heavier, but physically leaner. I can see my biceps now, and under all the leg fat I felt thin strong legs! At any rate, I want to get under the 70kgs mark next week, so I’m going to work extra hard and get me to the swimming pool on Wednesdays and Fridays as well as the routine on the other days. And stop snacking on Twisties….

Bailey-the-trainer had me working harder than ever today. As well as my usual routine, which we somehow managed to do in double quick time, he added tricep curls and bicep free weight raises, PLUS lots more crunches. He even tried to get me holding one of those massive exercise balls between my legs to do leg raises, but that was impossible and my inner thigh muscles just weren’t strong enough – I lay about laughing my head off because I just couldn’t lift the bugger. As I said to him: that’s one to try at home in the comfort of my PRIVATE lounge room.

I’ve begun to notice that when I don’t exercise on one day, by the evening I feel tired and shlumpy. Mentioned it to Bailey-the-trainer and he just gave me one of those looks and said: “and so?” Sigh. I’m waiting for the puppy so that I go for a walk every day on top of my usual exercise regime. Ok, that’s an excuse. But really, on Wednesdays I am SO tired after teaching for 9 hours that I can’t think straight. I’ll have to get up early on Wednesday morning for the puppy walk/run…

One thing I am finding hard to do is finding time to eat my second snack. I can fit in a protein shake easy peasy but that second snack after a late lunch is tricky. So this morning, having eaten breakfast at 5.40am, I am eating a second breakfast at 9.30am: a boiled egg, and a very high grain, low gi bread with a mere smear of butter. Total cals: 184. Lunch will be my usual salmon or tuna salad with beans added and this afternoon I’ll have my protein shake, and hopefully speed my metabolism up. Tonight will be pan fried chicken and salad again, and possibly a quinoa side dish.

I can only hope next week will see the weight shift again – don’t want to be going the other way!



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