Argh! Naughty diet weekend alert!

I’ve been a very bad girl these last few days. I’ve taken to the grog again. And not in a good way; rather, in a “I’m so tired I can’t think straight – hand me the bottle” kind of way. So, with Bailey-the-trainer in my thoughts (he’s the angel on my right shoulder), I’m back on the wagon in every sense, and planning a good few weeks of respite before the next big event.

Now, when I say I fell off the wagon, I have to confess, I’ve not binge drunk. The most drink I had was yesterday, when after my company’s Showcase Concert I had the equivalent of 2 glasses of Australian Sparkling Yarra Burn, from which I ended up getting an enormous headache. But the problem is, see, I quite like my booze, coming as I do from a famously boozy family (not alcoholics, but we LOVE our wine). So I’ve had a drink nearly every day for the last four days!!!! Thursday was the Opera, Friday was because it was Friday, and yesterday was a celebration. Any excuse will do.

My calorie count has crept up over the maximum amount for the last 2 days, too. It wasn’t deliberate, but I’m a bit tired and hungry and I’ve been doing really busy things, like running a concert event and so on. When I looked at yesterday’s food, it was the Twisties that pushed me over the edge! I swear, I only had the equivalent of one serve, but it all adds up. And we did have some takeaway curry, too. But I’ve been a very good girl and religiously counted every blasted calorie I could think of, including the naughty bit of naan bread I just had to have. And I had Dahl and a seafood curry and no rice, so I think it was vaguely healthy. Hard to tell, with takeaway – I just didn’t stuff myself like I normally do. And the previous day SH and I wandered around window-shopping, getting so tired and hungry in the process that I ended up having 2 dinners, which also pushed me over the edge. Snacking is fun but it’s hard to stop eating lovely lovely salami and lovely lovely Jarlsberg (weighed and calculated, of course)!

So I’m about to get physical this afternoon – I’ll pop along to the gym, do my requisite running and cycling and crunches and seated rowing, and tomorrow morning hope and pray that I’ve still managed to lose a bit of weight this last week. I feel good, but I don’t think I’ve lost very much at all. I don’t own a set of scales, which is probably a good thing, as I can get all OCD and weigh myself every day, but my clothes feel looser and certainly I’ll have to investigate bra sizes again – I’ve slipped down a size or two this last week. My back fat is diminishing and I actually felt solid, slim leg muscle under all the fat this morning! Woohoo! I guess the best evidence I’ll have will be the physical evidence this week: my weigh-in tomorrow.

I can’t wait to go swimming again – we’ve had a few overcast days here this last week, so Thursday was the last time I swam. Saturday I’d normally go after the gym, but it was a bit rainy and ordinary, and today is the same. I’m feeling like swimming is becoming my sanity exercise. Learning to really love it! Now that summer is fast approaching, it’s going to be great for my exercise as I’ll want to go every day, I think! It might also be time to invest in a swimming costume better designed for proper swimming. The one I have is lovely but really made more for pretending I’m Marilyn Monroe, with boy legs, a low back and tight halter neck.



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