The house that Jess built

This blog covers everything from my (stalled) PhD studies to my new exercise regime to my house renovations – commonly known as house porn. This blog: house porn.

The hubby and I bought a house last year and little by little we’ve been doing lovely things to it. The inside is mostly done – at least, it’s liveable and nice looking in the main – and now we’re planning the outside. We have to rip up much of the back yard and most of the front yard, because we need to put in a new fence. For the dog.

So, after walking round the neighbourhood a lot, we’ve found our preferred front fence. It’s beautiful.

Let’s face it, the house is pretty gorgeous as well. We’ve had a preliminary price for a similar fence from a local artisan carpenter, and it’s not a bad price but he’s not seen the bit we’ve worked out will be the piece de resistance: the automatic swing gate:

When I took hubby round to have a look, it was love at first sight. And me too. So now we have to write again to the artisan carpenter and ask him to revise his quote (for the 3rd time). But this time we’ve finally decided. We’re in agreement about the swing gate, and we think this style fence will look LOVELY in front of our cruddy old house. Because I’ve not mentioned that although our house will eventually look a treat, we have yet to replace the cruddy old louvre windows and paint the exterior. So at the moment our house looks like this:

And it will have that beautiful fence in front of it! Hilarious. It will be like putting bunting on a car carcass. Anyway. It’s worth it. We have to do the back fences as well, so this stupid doggy will be the most expensive animal on the street, darn it.


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