Another kg bites the dust!

Since I began my weight loss and exercise kick I’ve lost 5 kgs (10 lbs). (Pause to take a bow to rapturous applause.) It has been hard work and requires a kind of obsession that I’m not sure I can keep up in the very long term, but I’m so happy with where I’m at today. My weight is 70.3 kgs. This puts me on target to lose those 8 kgs by Christmas, as I’ve lost nearly 5 of them already. Bailey-the-trainer is very pleased with me! And I’m so much stronger now.

I’m consistently working out 4 days a week and have a PT session once a week, after boxing class. I’m not sure how I can keep getting up at 5.30am after teaching until 8.30pm the night before but I’m giving it my best shot! I’m trying to think that exercise is a normal part of my life and that I should regularly do some every day. Walking the new puppy will be a part of that regime.

I think I’ve fixed the issues with my diet – just eat more carbs at lunchtime. Of course, I’m now finding my energy levels are improving all round. I have more brain-power, I have more general energy (except at 3pm), and I am happier! I don’t feel like I am depriving myself of anything exactly, except the occasional glass of wine, except when I saw how many calories is in a glass of red I gasped, so no more of THAT for a while.

Last post I commented on my fatigue, which had me in a real spin on Friday and Saturday. Well, the diet’s still working, but adding those lunchtime carbs has already helped, and perhaps I ought to remember to drink more water, too. Dehydration in this climate is insidious, and I’m still getting used to drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. By the way, in this humid, warm climate, that’s nothing unusual. I can easily drink 10 and still feel thirsty.

On Monday I felt a little blah, overweight and a bit miserable, and really struggled to get to the gym, but boy! I’m glad I did. Afterwards, having done 45 minutes of cardio and about 200 crunches, I felt fantastic. And all of a sudden that evening my pork-belly had gone. Not all of it, but even my husband commented that I looked “trim”. He loves me whatever package I come in, you see, so any comment from him is a massive compliment. Today I’ve noticed that the fat hanging round my stomach has really diminished. That’s the 1 kg I’ve lost, I think. Now I’m beginning to look “healthy” again, and at my age, looking healthy and trim is by far the best way to keep looking young.

I’m calling my weight loss regime by how it was added. Usually travelling OS, and then not working hard to lose the weight again. I put on 2 kgs in Greece – not that I was eating all that much, but it was SO hot it became hard to move, and I was tired all the time. And then the year before was the house purchase – nuff said. Then before that was France #2 (oh boy. Bourgogne.), New Zealand, then France #1 and The Big One: Honeymoon Italy. Well, I’ve lost all of Greece, all of France #2 and New Zealand, and now I just have to lose France #1 and Italy before Xmas. Then it’s the weight gain between meeting husband and marrying husband to lose, and then a bit more just to keep below the 60 kg mark.

Currently my BMR is 1476 Calories per day, but it needs to move to 1369 calories really soon, as the weight loss recalculates what I should be eating daily if resting. My BMI has dropped from 27 to 25.5 and in a couple of weeks I should be back in the healthy range again. I’d like to get to BMI 21 but that is about 6 months away, I think.

So, feeling good today! And now: work.


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