Counting calories

For the last few weeks on this new-fangled diet and exercise regime I’ve been following I’ve been counting calories like a demon. I’m recording my eating habits on this app called MyFitnessPal, which is truly for the insane and desperate and possibly OCD, which fits me perfectly. Every day I have to cite exactly which foods I ate and how much, and find the appropriate ingredient in the online food bank:

Luckily there are a few decent calorie counters online so my job becomes a little bit easier, especially when trying to determine how many calories there are in salad greens, celery and the like. Not many, actually. I can eat salad until I’m blue in the face and even a kg of the stuff (minus the fun bits like tomato and avocado and dressing) is only about 150 calories. Blurgh. The fridge is stuffed full of vegies – my husband is struggling to find any decent crap to eat in the house.

Anyhoo, I now have a waist again. Yippee! While I was in Melbourne the temptation to eat lots of yummy food was so strong, but I withstood and only had a glass or two of champagne, and a pasta meal one night. No fun dessert for me! However, doing the whole thing is tedious in the extreme and I’m getting mightily sick of seeds and nuts for snacks. I’m having to be inventive about my food eating habits by eating quinoa salads instead of rice or pasta or potatoes, and think about what and how I am going to cook for dinner. I’m hoping that in a month it will get so easy that I’ll just know the calorific content and weight of everything I eat.

I’m not really going hungry, either. I’m eating until I’m full which is a relative term, I know, but I feel fuller on less now. The other night I made stirfry without rice, with 200g meat and various vegies, and some cashews, and I scoffed the lot in 2 serves, and felt sick afterwards. It was too much food for me. I should have stuck with the one serve. I’m eating about 1350 calories per day, enough not to starve, but not enough to feel fully sated. I’m learning to eat slower, too. The worst part about this diet is the lack of sweet goodies like brownies and cakes. I’m not even a huge eater of these, but lordy-be I miss them now! And I’ve found I don’t even remotely miss the alcomohol. Not a bit. This diet combines low-gi foods with no sugar, and high protein. Basically I can eat nuts, meat and salad. And fish. Lots of fish. And some dairy. And disgusting protein shakes. Which have become rather moreish when I’m in a hurry for a quick fix – usually while teaching.

I didn’t exercise while I was away, except for emptying the contents of my wallet and walking to the next shop, but when I went to my boxing class last night, it felt rather easy. Much easier than I had anticipated. I felt strong and relatively unpuffed. I was working reasonably hard, too, but it just felt, well, not difficult. My body loves what I’m doing to it, and I’ve noticed changes to my physique already. I now have reclaimed my waist, as mentioned, but my thighs are starting to look more toned (underneath all the fat, of course). My face is thinner and I’m losing the double chin I was cultivating. My boobs are smaller (sigh), and my body is starting to look lighter. My clothes fit better and even my ferdubbudder arms are gaining tone and shape. I’m losing excess weight from my back fat folds and my muscles are loving this new me. Today I’m going to go for a cardio session at the gym followed by a swim. It’s my day off and I’m having to think of ways to spend my time that precludes spending money.

Tomorrow I have my PT session with Bailey-the-trainer, which includes a weigh-in and measurement tracker. I’ll be curious to see what my weight is this time – I feel smaller and my clothes fit better, but there’s no explaining some things. I might be heavier as my muscles get stronger. Joining a private gym with a small team of personal trainers has by far been the best thing for me – I feel like they are keeping an eye on my progress, and that they care about my goals. It has been a revelation, and well worth the $69 I spend on it every week. As my husband says, it’s probably the same price as the alcohol we were drinking every week and certainly cheaper than the dining out we were doing, so cost is not a major factor.

So, this is the boring post for anyone who, like me, has become a bit lazy and sedentary in their old age, and needs a boost of confidence. If I can do it, anyone like me can.

*Oh! And in other news, I’ve ordered the groodle dog. Names of the groodle dog, which is likely to be a black, curly haired animal, may include Ferdinand, Tallulah, Caspian, Milly, Molly, Griselda and perhaps Mercutio or something outlandish like that. The children-of-step keep coming up with dumb names, like Socks, or Blacky. Which will not do. The dog purchase is actually a huge undertaking, because in order to get the groodle dog we have to build fences everywhere, which is the real expense. The dog is my husbands and my 5-year anniversary gift, plus Xmas, so that’s all taken care of. But The Fence is a new, not quite explicable expense which will certainly cost more than $4000, and includes a new 20 metre side fence (classic picket), and repairs to another fence. Maybe I should have ordered the studio windows instead.


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