Smashing those goals!

This training kick has really got me moving. I’m now into my second week and I’m sticking to the training and diet regime like glue at the moment. It has had results. Actual results. Today, after my second session with Bailey-the-trainer, we weighed me and I had misplaced 2.6 kilos. Barely trying. Well, I mean, I am trying, but it wasn’t nearly as hard as expected. Now, people may think this is way too much weight off in a week. Frankly, I had set myself to lose 750 grams every week for 10 weeks until Christmas, and I’m only following instructions so what the hell happened there?

Let’s see now. I’ve radically altered my diet to take out all sugars, all white starches such as bread, rice, wheat and potatoes. I’ve stopped eating those yummy chocky biccies I’ve had stashed in the cupboard for several months now. No more ice-cream for me. I’ve stopped drinking alcohol. Which is a little hard. I’m calorie counting like crazy, religiously putting in my food diary everything that passes my lips. I’ve added sweet potato and quinoa to my diet and I’m eating a lot more fish. I’m eating heaps of salad – in fact, I can’t eat enough salad. I’m eating those revolting protein shakes once or twice a day and I’ve added more seeds and nuts to my diet. I’ve kept my protein high. I’ve stopped eating fruit (not that I really liked it very much anyway) but my diet is still incredibly tasty and well balanced because I have no problems adding a small amount of olive oil and lemon juice to my salads. In fact, I’m finding it hard to meet my calorie requirements for the day. I can keep my occasional flat white when I’m out, and Bailey-the-trainer (bless him), said that I should keep it full fat. Yay! I’ve even discovered natural low-fat yoghurt with a tiny amount of honey to keep it interesting and it doesn’t impact my calories at all, although I then have to be careful about sugar intake for the rest of the day. My maximum calorie count (for a person my size at complete rest to maintain weight) is 1476 for the day but I’m having trouble getting to 1300.

In exercise, I’m keeping it interesting. I go to the trainer on Tuesday morning, and I’m adding swimming afterwards at the local pool. On Thursdays I have boxing class, and on Saturdays I have a circuit class. On Sundays I can go to the local pool to do a yoga class and then a swim and once I convince my husband to get up early we’ll do some weekend golf again. It’s a great week of exercise and while I’m feeling really sore and weak from all the exercise, my body LOVES it. And then, once we get our dog, I’ll be adding in a daily 45 minute walk/run on top of the current exercise. I’d like to start dancing to develop greater flexibility in my body but at this point I’m not going to push it!

So, there you go, folks. I’m sticking with this. It seems to be working. Of course, I’m going to Melbourne for a girly weekend with a friend and all of this good work may well come undone, but I’ll give it my best shot.

I’ll be happy if I continue to lose weight – at a slightly lower level – over the next few months, but I’m thrilled with the results so far. Oh, and I’m only sleeping about 6 hours a night at the moment but I have greater energy levels than a week ago. Although sometimes I feel a little hungry and weak and unable to focus, but this is usually when I am teaching from 4 – 8.30 and I don’t have time for a snack. But I’ve always felt like that anyway during my evening teaching.

So there you go. Smashing those goals. Boowah!


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