Kicking those goals!

Met with the personal trainer for my first real session this morning. It went much better than I expected, and although I now feel as if a truck has hit me, I’m not nearly as sore as I thought I was going to feel.

After the 45 minute session, I had a Epsom salt bath, which will help ease the ache a little. I also had my first ever protein drink, taken on advice from Bailey-the-trainer. My god, are those things disgusting. Jam packed full of artificial sweeteners, I’m supposed to have this in place of a snack, but I swear it’s revolting. I’m not sure how often I can choke one of these babies down. Can’t I just have a salada and tomato snack instead?

I’ve planned my week’s exercise round three main events: the training on Tuesday mornings, boxing on Thursday nights, and a circuit class on Saturday mornings. All at times that don’t creep into other things, and with an added yoga class on Sundays, that should do it. I’m walking quite a lot, which is, as I mentioned, in preparation for my new dog (timeline ambiguous), but it’s nice to get out onto the streets and look at stuff. My bones are creaking and groaning like an old rickety shed and I have strange clicks in places I wasn’t even sure existed, but I’m told these will all improve with added strength training. At the moment I’ve not yet planned my cardio work, but I’m pretty sure playing golf will sort that out, and what with walking and summer swimming, I’ll be fit as a fiddle in no time.

Now onto editing a thesis. The temperature is rising in the house and I can see that going to uni might actually be a good thing, but I don’t have enough time at present. So I have to work (in a lonely fashion) from home until 12.30pm. Something tells me I really need to get on top of my time management…


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