Banks don’t like small business

I have a few thousand in the company bank account which I’m keeping for a rainy day (December, January and February are the rainy months in our house) and I wondered, as I wandered into the bank to deposit a cheque, will the bank lend me any money for work to the studio windows? The studio windows are old, creaky and unattractive louvre windows that have huge gaps at the top of the frame, allowing noise, insects, dirt and hot air to enter. Here’s a photo.


Ugly, yes? I think so. On our other windows we have some lovely hopscotch windows that we would like to replicate in the louvre windows’ place, like so:



Aren’t these pretty? Of course, they need a paint, which is the December January summer holiday job. I hope. Of course, I want laminated windows for the studio, which should help reduce sound and heat transference .


So, I idly wonder if the bank will lend me some money to replace the louvres, as there are 17 louvre windows in the studio. Count ’em. 17. I love our house, but we’re on a road that gets a lot of traffic. Particularly roaring up the hill in evening peak hour, which is my teaching time. So it’s noisy, it’s hot and sometimes I feel quite miserable in there. I’ve taken to doing all my written work in the kitchen space because it’s quieter and cooler here, notwithstanding the lovely new air-conditioning that has gone in the studio just this last two weeks.

I ask the bank what types of business loans might be available for a small company like mine. It turns out, none. I can’t borrow nada unless I take out a second mortgage on our home. Bastards. Never mind I actually have the funds sitting in the account and that I could even pay off an expensive overdraft quite quickly: apparently I need a secured loan. So. Never mind that I’ve never been in debt or that I’ve shown good growth over the last few years: they don’t want to know me. Not even a credit card. Now, I know I said I have rainy day money, but if I spend my rainy day money all at once, we won’t eat over summer and there will be no Xmas and our credit card bills won’t be paid. And the children of step won’t be going to a fancy shmancy private school: they’ll be going to the local high school.

I may have to find other ways of making money to pay for comfort and joy in my studio.



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