Reinvention and the mummy blog.

Ok, so I’ve decided I need a bit of a change. My rationale? Who really cares about research anyway? (Well, I do, but let’s not go there right now.) I’ve been feeling for a while now that this blog, while I’ve enjoyed writing it, has been a bit limiting. Hell, staying stuck with just research and singing? What was  I thinking? When I have lots of lovely stuff to write about family, house observations and other gems? So I’ve decided that as I’ve taken a break from the PhD (let’s not go there today), I needed a change of name for my blog. I needed a change of focus, and a broadening of my subjects for discussion. The name may yet change again, mainly because it sounds like a mummy blog when really, anyone with a freaking vagina and a child gets labelled as such.

Well. I have 2 home grown kids and 2 other younger sprogs I acquired from my second marriage, so I am legally and literally a mummy. But don’t get me started on that “writing about the children” bullshit. My oldest is old enough for me to be a grandmother. Which I’m not. My main concerns in life are earning enough money to afford our substantial and necessary house renovations, finishing my PhD (which, if I care enough, will happen next year, but let’s not go there), getting me a new smart dog to replace my dead stupid one, and really: enjoying the good life.

Because, really, I do have such a good life. Not as well paid a good life as I’d like (there’s that money thing again), but notwithstanding a terrible time in my twenties married to a sick, sick man, I’m pretty happy. No really philosophical thoughts. My head is a vacuum filled mainly with 12000 – 16000 hz of tinnitus noise. Think annoying TV whine right at the back of your skull – I blame Annie Lennox and too many years of singing in bands. That’s about it. Crickets.

Well, all right. Sometimes I do get a bit low. Usually lasts about a week and then I’m fine. Mostly concerned with 1/getting older; 2/end of my reproductive years; 3/not having enough money; 4/ missing my adult children who don’t live with me; 5/ not finishing my PhD (but let’s not go there); 6/ not feeling creative enough. 7/ And not being as good a writer as I want to be or think I am.

Does anyone else ever get the sense that when they write with a different “voice”, that their writing is much better? Maybe I edit better. Maybe I use less words, maybe I have a better sense of structure. But really, some of the best writing I have done is quick, deadline type stuff, only lightly edited. Bloody annoying. Specially when I labour for months on my PhD narratives and they sound like crap. Crap, I tell you.

I’m going to start a section on this blog (maybe a whole new blog, actually) where I just talk about house stuff. Because I like decorating. I really really do. I like painting and I like finishing stuff and I like things looking good. So, maybe I’ll branch out. I’ll let you know how I get on.


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