Mary Mary quite contrary. Damn my brain!

So, I send off the form to supervisor asking for 6 months in the penalty box. Yep, I need time out, I need to find a job, there’s a bunch of stuff I’d rather be doing than looking at my PhD right now. I’ve not touched it since I went to Thessaloniki, and even then it was about the learning and not the writing. New theories to consider, old ones to rethink, that sort of thing. Nothing concrete, just thoughts.

Relieved, I foolishly decide to OPEN MY LATEST NARRATIVE CHAPTER for one last little peek. Damn. Like contrary Mary, instead of breaking off all contact with the PhD and turning my back, I’ve been pulled headlong into a fun place of editing, rewriting and thinking about my work. Damn damn damn. Of course, now that I’ve looked at it again I’ve found all the bits I don’t like and some important things that keep cropping up in the overall scheme of things that I need to revisit. 12000 words it ain’t. More like 16000. Not sure how to get it down any further without completely ruining the flow and substance of the chapter. It’s not fair: I’ve got two people’s interviews, pre and post, plus 2 quite different learning and teaching episodes. What am I supposed to do? It won’t cut down without losing the participant’s voices.

Anyway, it’s Saturday afternoon, 1.30 eastern standard time, and I’ve been working since 9.00am. Time to stop, put some washing on, clean the back yard and maybe have a shower and get dressed? Maybe some lunch too? It’s the best four hours I’ve had for months. And the chapter’s looking good. SIGH.


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