In transit.

I’ve been travelling for about 20 hours so far – 1 taxi ride, 2 plane flights and another to go. This conference travelling thing is simultaneously fun and really really annoying. Part of the irritation is the travel. The sheer exhaustion and time of it. One of my FB friends commented that she had a four leg plane trip from Thessaloniki to Sydney, which sounds to me like some type of purgatory. Not hell, exactly, because although it’s painful and makes you want to gouge out your eyeball with a spoon it’s not bad enough to long for death. She was close to tears with exhaustion and was baulking at the thought of the last leg. But at 6’3″ (can never remember which ” is the bigger indicator) I think part of her problem is squeezing herself into seats designed for people a foot shorter. Can you imagine?

At present I am writing this on one of the Singapore airport free internet terminals, hoping that my time doesn’t run out before I post. So I have to be quick. Not dead on my feet yet, as it is about 1am Greek time, which is my normal bed time. I reckon I will be very very tired later tonight when we land 7.30pm Brisbane time. For the time being, though, I’m showered, changed and makeupped, and feeling ok, if a little overweight and uncomfortable in my clothes. Another of the delightful problems about travelling is the sheer amount of food I tend to eat. It was delicious in Greece, light, summery and lemony/olive oil goodness. And I ate A LOT. So part of the next six months will see me frantically trying to lose weight and get back down to smashingly gorgeous rather than hopelessly blobby.

Adios for now. See you at the other end. Dishevelled and teary, probably.


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