What’s it all about again?

Reached that moment (again) when, after all the hard yards of my writing analysis are mostly done, and I am trying to nut out some of the larger themes in my study. I keep getting stymied by what I’ve found and under what headers these findings might go. So far, I keep returning to that hoary old SDT (Self Determination Theory) as a way of neatly examining my findings under the headers Relatedness, Competence and Autonomy. That’s ok for the kiddy winks part of my study. But then I have all the cultural psychology stuff to consider and how the culture of opera and singing and education of singers then plays into that. And I’ve not even mentioned the teachers yet. Ho hum.

So I’m examining values, beliefs and practices, right? I can put all of these into tables of each individual participant. Tick. Done that. I can then look at each list and add them all together into a big list – students and teachers. Ok? Well, not really. Because what I have to do is analyse which values are the same for each participant and which are different, and they are all not really making sense right now, because I’m not sure I’ve found the right headers to label all my categories. So it’s back to the SDT again because it’s the theory I began with, it’s the theory I like for learners, and it’s the theory that works in this situation. However, my teachers are a different story.

So, this analysis part is really tricky and I need some help in defining my categories. Having politely asked my supervisor for a meeting I’ve not yet received an answer so I think the polite response is currently “not tonight, Josephine”.

This is where I am arguing with myself online and you lot get to read it. Because it’s the only way I can keep track of my analysis process and maybe learn from how I am doing it and possibly how not to do it in future. URGH.

Oh, and I have to confess, I’ve completely FAFFED again today. Watched 2 hours of Game of Thrones, even though it bores the crap out of me, because I just want to get to the end, damn it, and then I can put it to rest. And I don’t want to do this analysis because maybe I’ll find stuff I didn’t want to find, or I’ll not find stuff I really wanted to find and then I have to restructure my damned lit review.


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