Things to do – STAT!

List time! This is the pointy end of the year when I become a little overwhelmed with TTD in research land. Here is my list for TTD these next three weeks before we leave for the ISME conference.

June 11 – 17

Monday: Springer Book preparation and reading

Tuesday: PhD work at my friend’s place

Wednesday: Teaching, so no research

Thursday: PhD/ RA Assessment research

Friday: PhD/ Springer Chapter

Saturday Springer Chapter: RA Assessment

Sunday: MAYBE a day off for good behaviour. Maybe not.

The list goes on in the same rather depressing vein for another two weeks. In other news, I re-read my narrative chapters this morning and I became rather disheartened by them. If for no other reason than they really lacked thick description and lovely jubbly contextual analysis. As my supervisor wrote in her critique, they really seem more like journalism than narrative. This bothers me somewhat. Ok, I’ll admit it. I’ve been reading the work of others and their work is much more flowing than mine. I’d rather have the participants’ words take centre stage because they say so eloquently what I cannot equally eloquently paraphrase. However, this means there are lots of their words and rather less of mine. Including analysis. I guess what I am trying to work out is how to make the narratives cohesive. Not easy, given their length. Perhaps I have to find a better way? Ugh. Anyway, kind and loving hubby says that as they’re due to be sent to the participants for member checking, to stop agonising over them and send them already.

Humph. Don’t wanna. They’re crap.


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