Death – the definitive article.

A friend of mine was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer this week. Spread throughout his body, it is apparently not worth having chemo as it will make him too tired. Palliative care only. His teenage daughter recently announced she was pregnant, too. She is due in June. It is March now. I hope my friend will get to see his grandchild before he dies. As I said to my hubby, speculatively, I wonder if his little girl, so young, just a child herself, really, got pregnant because she sensed her daddy wasn’t well. I’m occasionally  superstitious that way.

This has been a week of great turmoil. I’ve begun teaching at the local university – eight hours a week one-on-one lessons. I’m loving it so far, and it’s great to work with talented, keen kids. But I’ve also been in some pain about my progress with the PhD and that has been quite depressing. So I guess my pain and my pleasure are keeping me on that fine, fine line between the two. That, and poor sleep.

A funny old week. And hubby turns the big 5-0 on Thursday. I’m feeling curiously bereft of emotion. Maybe I’m too tired to feel.


One thought on “Death – the definitive article.

  1. HI, I’m really liking your blog (minding my rant in one of your latest posts), and its interesting to see that we go through the same kind of experiences. One of my PhD colleagues and friend was diagnosed with Leukemia, and though it was curable, it was very hard news to endure,… But on theotherhand, it sets you thinking about the real values on life, if whatyou do is really important for you and why…

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