A change for the better!

Today I decided to change my blog colour and header photo. I needed a change. My new look is from the same photo stock I took in New Zealand in 2010, but I’m going with a bluer horizon. Sometimes you just need a change, especially when it’s raining and gloomy outside. Not cold, because you just don’t need a jumper in summer here in Queensland, but rather depressing nevertheless. And I thought, what the hell, let’s get a bit of brightness onto my own site, rather than the sophisticated poo colour I’ve gone with before. Maybe it will cheer me up. And the horizon is now gorgeous.

Speaking of gorgeous horizons, I am now 3/4 of the way through another narrative chapter. 17000 words down and 3000 to go – this will eventually be edited down to 15000 words but my lovely lovely participants have so much good stuff to say that I just want to get as much down as possible, and my supervisors and I can edit out the unimportant parts. I am hoping to finish this by Thursday because I have a meeting with my second supervisor and I need to get my skates on and review what she wrote about my methods chapter and what I need to do to fix stuff. I’ve ignored this until now. But time’s winged chariot and all that…

And, an hour later and many glimpses of Facebook later, I’ve had a bit of a sing. It has been really good, and I sang all the way through an aria for the first time in about three years today. That felt great, even if it was difficult and tiring and I had to really think about my technique. I reckon I sounded like a cat, but I’m nearly ready to go to Norma, my preferred coach, for a coaching. We’ll see. Depends on the funds, of course.


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