Eyesight. Not taking it for granted.

On Friday I went to my optometrist for my two yearly appointment. I’ve been complaining on this blog about poor vision and being unable to concentrate on my work and I have been wondering, quietly, whether it’s because my eyesight has been deteriorating over the last few months. Putting my reading glasses on hasn’t really been helping, lately.

So, sitting there with my youthful 33 year old optometrist telling me that eyesight goes through a series of deteriorating changes between the ages of 40 – 55 was NOT music to my ears.

Turns out that I’m not yet in the “you’ve turned 40 therefore your eyesight is officially crap” basket – it’s actually pretty good for my age. Nevertheless, I still need to get reading glasses 2 levels stronger than my last pair. Might explain things. I’m slightly long sighted and doing close computer work, and I also have an astigmatism. Lovely young optometrist suggested a prism lens, and I had to report that I have two pairs of prism glasses and I can’t bear using them at all – it freaks out my eyes. I told the lassie that I think I only see out of my right eye most of the time because I’m always getting bruises on my left side (no, I’m not being beaten up by anyone other than myself). She reckons my little brain represses the vision in my left side in order to deal with my astigmatism, and so any attempt by optometrists to fix my crappy inward turning eye will result in the madness of King George, thank you very much. She also suggested a graduating lens pair of glasses, to help with close and far vision issues. I said I’d rather die than feel like I’m falling over all the time. I used to own bifocals but I hate them, and, besides, my long vision seems fine most of the time. I only wear glasses to read. And also, I’m not wearing them now. I can see FINE. Although it’s hard concentrating. And the screen is a bit flary. And I have to look up all the time to relax my eyes. Oh, all right! I need glasses. A little bit.

I’ve been expanding my word documents, which I normally type in 10point, to 200% of the normal view, because I just can’t see well enough. And it’s worse when I’m tired. So hopefully next week, when I’ve got my replacement lenses in my old faithful glasses I’ll be able to report improved vision and improved work practices.


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