So, New Year’s Resolutions: how you going with that?

Ok, this is a bit of a brag post. Because I’ve managed to get some work at the University for this year, in precisely the area I’d hoped for: teaching singing in Musical Theatre to about 10 MT singers. This, I hope, opens the door to more teaching and performing and money and, let’s face it, kudos. It’s casual rates, no special treatment: if I get sick or something I don’t get a payout or anything. I get nothing other than a superannuation contribution. It pays no more than I already get in my own business. But it’s a start. And it’s ongoing in the sense that if I teach them well, professional singers will come to me and I’ll develop a stronger studio because of it, with a good name and stuff.

So I had another look at those resolutions of mine. Number 7: get more work at a university: tick. Achieved. Once my PhD is submitted then I’d like to double the work somehow but I’m not holding my breath. I think if I can get some casual lecturing and some RA work to meet the shortfall when my stipend stops then this will keep me going nicely. I don’t need heaps of money. I need fun and goals.

Number 4: Sing. Yep, I’m doing some every day, but the usual things are occurring when I’ve not sung for a while: I’m getting minor illnesses, small throat things that are not the result of poor singing technique. Miniature colds. Can’t explain it, just have to work through it. The voice is becoming more fluid and it’s becoming a little easier to sing, but it’s hard to tell at the moment because of the illness. What I am enjoying though is playing with breath management techniques. I’m mucking around with appoggio and accent methods – two slightly different breath approaches, and I think appoggio works better for me – gives me a more spun sound and the voice doesn’t sound pressured.

Number 5: Audition for the chorus. Can’t do that until around October, November. So 9 months to get my voice fighting fit, unless I want to have a shot at the generals in March – not sure I have the capacity to audition in March. I assumed, stupidly, that chorus auditions were in May. They’re not.

Number 9: Pay off the credit cards. Slow but steady wins the race there. They’re coming down, although because I’ve just bought airline tickets to London in March my credit card is getting a minor beating. However, money will come roaring into my business account soon, and I AM making headway. I plan to have halved our bill by June. We just applied for a low interest credit card with our bank, which they gave us. You know, the type that has a low balance transfer for 6 months? So I’ve a chance to reduce our costs because we won’t be beaten round the head with ridiculous interest payments for a while.

So I’m making headway on those resolutions. And now that I’ve been posting aimlessly for a while, I think I’ll go and do some studying for resolution number 1: the PhD. I had a great day yesterday and I think it’s keeping going. Mornings I’m not doing so well, but I’m getting something significant done every day. Yesterday I managed to transcribe a whole section of lesson data for one of my narrative chapters – the new one. I’m trying to put together the next chapter but I’ve been procrastinating over the last 15 minutes of interview data that I’ve yet to transcribe. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve listened to it heaps of times, I just need to write it out now.

I’m not going to mention the sporty fun resolutions. The house and garden resolutions will come with the extra paycheck. And my cabaret has to sit and wait until I’ve written a couple of songs for it. I can actually write music, but it’s derivative. I don’t care: nothing is original anymore. And cabaret thrives on derivation, anyway.


2 thoughts on “So, New Year’s Resolutions: how you going with that?

  1. With havin so much written content do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyright violation? My website has a lot of exclusive content I’ve either created myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my authorization. Do you know any ways to help stop content from being stolen? I’d definitely appreciate it.

    1. Hi, there’s no real way to stop people stealing your stuff if you publish on the net. Myself, I couldn’t care less if folks want to steal my thoughts – there’s not much I’m saying that I imagine anyone would want to steal anyway. In academia my stuff is protected as I am the attributed author, and we have ways of checking if there’s plagiarism by other users by doing a Google search on specific phrases. And I don’t publish my unpublished work to the blog, only my published stuff. That way there’s no issue with online theft. Cheers!

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