Yesterday was a GOOD day

Always a good sign that when you finally get down to it: the sitting down at the computer part, the opening up the document part, the thinking part, that what follows is the writing part. I had a good day yesterday. Talk about the God of Small Things: I’m just grateful that  my muse is beginning to return.

At present I’m sitting in my hot front room on a day slated to reach 36 degrees Celsius (96 F), wondering how I’ll ever be able to teach in here during February, often considered the hottest month of the year, because the inside ambient temperature is the same as outside. Even hotter when you remove the breeze. I’m about to head outside to the back garden to work – it was so pleasant out there, yesterday, as I sat in the garden in the cool of the afternoon, gin and tonic to hand, typing out the first sentences of my third narrative chapter. I bragged ever so slightly to hubby that I had managed 500 words and some transcription, when it occurred to me that over the course of about 10 hours, that’s not really very much work. Although to be fair I also read a few articles and did some singing practice.

So today I’m putting aside FB for 10 hours. I’ve an appointment at 1.30 to which I have to drive during the hottest part of the day in my non-airconditioned car – that will be pleasant.

Until then I intend to hang about the garden in my coolest clothes (read: swimming togs), transcribing the last 15 minutes of an important interview and continuing my Narrative chapter draft.

It’s 9.35am and I’ve been awake since about 8.00am. I read a book in bed for a while (I often do this in the morning – it puts off the day), then I headed straight to the computer and got online. Hmm. I’ve checked emails and FB (nothing happening there) so now it’s off to work I go, hi ho, hi ho. No more procrastination.



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