In pieces on the floor. Not me: my lit review.

I’ve been working on my literature these last few days and I must say I’m getting all in a bother. One of the problems I have is sorting out my quite substantive literature into areas that make sense. My literature has had to be cut up into little pieces. It is now all over the floor. I’m not normally one for the old fashioned method of paper-scissors, but I’m stymied by how to make my old literature fit into a new framework. It’s not that what I wrote was bad, although it is pretty patchy and poorly articulated, it’s that it’s just all over the place. Am I writing about the environment or am I writing about the culture of singing pedagogy? Of course, to answer my rhetorical question, I am writing about both. However, culture begets the pedagogy, and environment affects the pedagogical approaches. Making this fit is difficult and I am annoyed. So, I think now I will give up on it and instead do some singing practice. I quite enjoy singing, but I suspect the neighbours won’t, so best to do it before they arrive home.

In an aside, I’m in my new study space at home and I have to confess I am having a great deal of trouble spending time in here. From about 11am the room becomes almost unbearably hot, despite all the windows being open, and I have trouble reading the computer screen, even with my glasses on. I suspect the screen is mirroring the window, causing my eyes to go bler. That’s blurry with no blur. I’m struggling to stay in my room and work consistently as I think the conditions aren’t really ideal. With the windows open the room is also noisy.

SIGH. First world problems, as people say.



4 thoughts on “In pieces on the floor. Not me: my lit review.

  1. Hello Jess, Half way around the world, it is very cold. Your windows are open and you have sunny skies. My windows are closed and we have a gray rainy and snowy day. My recording equipment is all crammed in one place. It’s nice if i’m by myself. I hope your workspace has better natural sunlight and a view.

    1. Thanks, Brady, for the reminder that somewhere else it is always worse! I love my space, but at midday it is suffocatingly hot and bright. Hey, I listened to some of your work a while back – lovely blues! Sounds great. Keep up the good work and keep fighting that fight to follow your creative desires.

    1. Hi Brady, I don’t have any original recordings – all my work is of the English expression sort. Once my PhD is submitted I will be able to put some of my writing up, but until then you’ll only get snippets! This is necessary to protect my work and to ensure I follow the university publication protocols.

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