The lazy days of Christmas

This month has been an utter write off (sic) with regards to the PhD. I’ve been sick, I’ve had a concert to organise, I started the month off with a conference (therefore no writing on the PhD while that was underway), we’ve had Christmas and we are fast heading to New Year. We’ve had the children-of-step staying with us for three weeks and just as my husband starts to relax and actually rest properly, I start to get the itch to get back into my work. Beastly, beastly interruptions and procrastination!

On the plus side, we’ve started to make some headway with the house. Hubby has been a trooper under the house and cleaned it all up, and I’m planning the garden. We’ve visited friends and I’ve kind of enjoyed this slower pace of life for a few weeks while we work out how to live in the house and decide where everything goes.

So today, on the 30th January, I’m taking some time out to plan my next six months a bit more carefully. This is the last year of my PhD stipend – I have to apply for an extension at any rate because I’m still waiting on one last interview and I have to transcribe some others. So I also need to take on work as September is looking particularly poverty-stricken.

The plan for this year is to complete the PhD, to take up yoga again, to play more golf, especially from April – November when the weather is cooler. I want to practise singing an hour a day and audition for the Opera Company again, and I want to plan a cabaret show once the PhD is completed. I want to find work that pays up to .8 (four days per week) and I want to organise my Will (and hubby’s Will too). I have two overseas conferences to plan for and there are publications to revise before sending off for reappraisal. My hubby and I are planning a book together, although he is the one doing most of the work at present! And there are parts of the house to paint and the gutters to clean and replace, some serious unblocking of pipes to organise (at least the toilet still works!), and the electrician to plan for.

If I can’t finish the PhD by the end of my stipend I will have to go part-time, but I’d rather not as I reckon I will never finish it if I do. So it’s the usual running to the finish line again. As ever.

In the meantime, the weather is hot and fairly horrible here in QLD (despite being overcast much of the time), and I feel altogether tired and wrung out. Which I have to say does not help my progress. I promise, though, that by this time next week, I will be deep in the heart of research again. I’m getting there, slowly. I need to plan one of my narrative chapters now, as I am so close to finishing the transcripts I can smell it, but I am procrastinating about the last few minutes. Damn it. Luckily, I don’t yet have any other work aside from my own private practice at present so I have no excuses about doing work once the teaching starts up again.


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