Regrets: I have a few.

Today I am seriously regretting not getting away for a week before Christmas. Ok, so we don’t have any money to get away, but the weeks leading up to Christmas have DRAGGED! I’ve been sick, we’ve been busy, sure, but the sch0ol holidays seem to be dragging into the distance. I’m not sure when I will get to finishing my PhD if this crazy slow-motion time keeps up.

We had the kids for the first three weeks of the holiday this year. I actually prefer this because then the kids are reasonably well behaved, if tired. By the end of the school holidays they are ratty and annoying again and we look forward to pushing them back into school clothes and sending them on their way. However, we don’t have a pool, it hasn’t been hot enough to take them to the beach, and as mentioned we don’t have the cash for a holiday dash. It has been a boring two weeks.

I’ve been contemplating moving to part-time study this year – I’m over doing my PhD and I’ve reached the usual end of love for study. I need to be earning money again and I miss working. I really do! I kind of love this part-time work and full-time study thing but I don’t like the constant guilt that sits over me ever so gently, a gossamer net of worry and secret fear.


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