Supervisor joy!

It has been a while since I received comments from my supervisor on my work – perhaps 6 months or more. Today I just received comments on my 21000 word epistle and they were fine! I mean, I have lots more work to do to make the whole thing stick together, but essentially I agreed with all her comments. Yes, I was too intrusive in the script. Yes, I too worried about words such as “compliant”. Yes, I think I am also wondering whether my participants will be offended by my commentary and whether I will have to tone it down or be more tactful. Absolutely. I have serious questions about all these issues, but I am so relieved that my supervisor also perceives the same issues.

I have my supervisor meeting tomorrow – adding to the immediacy of the draft corrections, so I will be able to address the concerns straight away. I am thrilled about this. I think it means I am on the right track.

I will report on the result of the meeting in due course, but for now, on to making those corrections.


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