Of articles, abodes and architecture

Of all the things bound to cause stress and tension, moving house is one of them. Apparently doing one’s PhD is also cause for stress and tension. Combine the two and what do you have? Someone like me, completely unable to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time on her studies. It has been a really hard slog, these last few weeks, trying to maintain focus while house renovations, repairs and budgets are drawn up, and we make plans to move. I’ve had an article due as part of my mid-term review for my PhD, which was a week late. While I’m a little embarrassed by this, I’m not sure I could have concentrated any more than I did on its preparation and presentation. The article, however, is now at final draft stage, and it has been sent to the UQ School of Music and the Grad School for appraisal. This gives me the opportunity now to plan the rest of my time with the PhD, before submitting my first draft to my supervisor in late January. Because my brain is rather unable to analyse anything, I think if I just revisit my Methods chapter for the time being this should satisfy my need to get a move on. It was also suggested to me that I revisit my Literature Review. This I can and should do while my brain ticks over as I begin to buy paint for the house and plan floor sanding and think about kitchens, especially when one buys a house that has no kitchen. Hopefully the dust will settle by October, and then I can concentrate more fully on the PhD. While plans for the house will continue, there will not be the hassle of moving to contend with, or any of those other crazinesses that occur with this sort of stress, such as having enough money to pay the bank AND the restumping guy and the floor sanding guy and the plumber. I awoke rather early this morning due to this constant, background anxiety, and I have not slept really well for weeks. I’m a bit exhausted!


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