Writing journal articles

Some people hate doing them. I quite like preparing them, if only because they quite quickly make you isolate your argument and focus closely on your topic. It’s a nice way of using one’s data from one’s study and just looking at one small aspect of it. Currently I am working on an article about singer identity, using part of my PhD studies. I have half of another article to write also, but that is a few weeks away while I try and finish this one. It’s a deeply thinking, writerly phase I am now in, and it has been great for concentration. I think if I continue in this vein I can begin to finish the remainder of my transcriptions and move straight into writing. That’s the plan, anyway!

Of course, at the same time, I am heavily invested in ensuring we get the house we bought. We just have to ensure the bank agrees with us and gives us the money. So, it’s now 8.40am and I’ve been reading. I’m now writing in my blog, and any minute now I will have a coffee and start work on the article again, interrupted only by singing students.


2 thoughts on “Writing journal articles

  1. Singer Identity. I am really interested in what kind of work you are doing and would appreciate it if you would let me know where to find your article, when published/released. There is so much about music to learn and so much that I do not know. I’d really like to read it as I am thinking of returning to school but like the romantic fool I am, I love music and still want to pursue it, even though I practically starve when trying to do it for a living. I remember a while back you were unsure about what to do in your own career. Glad it’s working out for you.

  2. Hi Brady,
    I sure will let you know if it is published! Like many musicians, you have to fight the “survival or art” war, which is not a great war to be fighting. I’ve learned to enjoy my art by teaching others about it. Also, I’m sure I will indulge in a few concerts once my PhD is finished! But I’m thinking for my career I will build my research assistant skills and do what I like doing best: a bit of everything.

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