Blindsided by life (again) part 3

I did it. Not, perhaps, in the order that I set down for your edification, but I actually did about five hours of work on Sunday. Now I feel virtuous. On Monday I went straight back into the PhD work as well, and managed more than five hours before teaching in the evening for 3.5 hours. Five hours of thinking and writing a day is about as much as I can handle, and I am starting to make progress on my article. Yesterday was spent finding out a little bit about identity theory and writing about “self”. This was useful, and then I spent a little more time trying to find out about “self” and singing. This has proved a little harder. There is information available, but not at home. I tried to find versions of an article I need but it is connected to a book. Contained within, as it were. I will have to borrow the book. In the meantime, I will start working on the other sections of my article, which will be slightly thematic. Lots to do and I will have to send it to my supervisor on Thursday or Friday before our meeting the following Monday. Then I will have a week or so before having to submit it to the mid-candidature review folks. I thought I had two more weeks, but as my supervisor goes away soon, I am not sure whether she will have time to look over more than one draft. So this one had better be good.

And that’s my journey for this week. Writing an article. That is all. Nice.


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