Blindsided by life (again) part 2

So, now it’s Sunday morning and I think I perceive a pattern here. Any time I have to go out somewhere I think – I’ll just look at my PhD study for an hour so I have done SOMETHING for the day. I’m working this out, folks. It stops me feeling guilty for not having worked for five straight hours, and gives me the sense of having done a little bit of work. I haven’t completely wasted the day. Well, I’m on to me. I am aware that if I feel procrastination coming on that I really should just look at a different piece of work. I AM starting to do that, but it is still so hard, revving me up again. Life really gets in the way sometimes.

So, today: hubby and I have an afternoon gathering to attend. It is now nearly 10.00am Australian Eastern Seaboard time, and I think we do not have to be there until at least 2.00pm. Do you think I can focus for four hours? I think not. But here’s my cunning plan. I will ablute, then put washing on. This will take 5 minutes, so work from 10.00 and then at 11.00 I will put clothes on the line and another load of washing on, taking about 15 minutes. Then, back to work. Hopefully I will not feel like eating food until 12.30pm. A sandwich for lunch, then back to work at 1.00pm, after the next lot of clothes go on the line. Work until 2.00pm, then off to the function. Write off the rest of the day, but feel good that about 3.5 hours of work was attempted on a Sunday. Begin again tomorrow morning at 9.00am and hope tomorrow will be a good day. And hope Tuesday will be, too. And hope Thursday and Friday will be, by which time I will have sent my supervisor draft umpty-other of my journal article. By then we should have some reckoning on the house, if my accountant gets back to me in time. And all should begin moving again.

Wish me luck and good focus, peeps.


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