Blindsided by life (again)

Funny how the little things in life can completely put the kybosh on one’s progress in one’s PhD. I was going along so nicely, chugging away at my mid-candidature review, when BAM! Out of the blue, we decided to buy a house WITHOUT doing all the bank stuff first. Silly us. So that has meant me doing my long-overdue tax and trying to make it all fit, both with my business and the personal income. Neither my husband or I have been able to think in higher order processes at all, which means we are spending an inordinate amount of time on trivia and assorted nonsenses.

Today I am determined to get back into the swing of things, prior to cleaning the house a little bit and doing some light grocery shopping. I think I am beginning to see the light now, as I was able to send my stuff to the accountant and this has now eased the pressure somewhat on financial discussions and the usual palaver with the banks.

Today I promise faithfully that I will: continue a transcription and begin reading stuff on identity, in preparation for the submission of my mid-candidature review to my supervisor in about a week. I will then have about two weeks to act on her feedback, and then it will be submitted to two places: RSME, and the UQ Grad School. Killing two birds with one stone here. Clever me. I have written about 4000 words of the article, it’s just the remaining 3 that are a worry!

So, off I go.



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