Running (crawling) to the PhD finish line

This is the PhD section where life gets hazy and thinking gets confused. I’m heading into the time-honoured place where I’ve about had enough of working on the PhD because I realise there is life after PhD land, and life after PhD land appeals to me right now. Mainly because I am deep in data analysis and I have to keep poking my head up to think about things like substantive theory, thesis shape and other annoying elements of PhD land.

It was great to see my friend Rache on Monday and just clear up a few things about my talk on Friday – I was chasing my tail, as often happens on one’s own, when one is not able to discuss thesis and ideas with others. She cleared it up beautifully! So I went home, redrafted my pptx, and it now looks much more elegant, simple and clearer to understand. I have refined my literature review to two main areas: Cultural Psychology, and Narrative Inquiry. I will throw in the references to other research in Motivational studies, Expertise studies, Identity studies and various music studies, but I’m not putting them up on the PowerPoint, as they are not the focus right now. I can’t show everything!



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