Analysis makes my head hurt

I’m heading back to QLD today after a reasonably productive two weeks in Victoria. My task over the next few days is to complete my talk for my mid-candidature review, which will take all week to finish. I’ve been analysing the data (slowly but surely) and because many thoughts stay in my head I’ve been struggling to articulate my position. I need, like grounded theorists, to write lots of notes. The same ideas keep coming up, though, which makes the note taking feel particularly repetitive and circular, which is why my head is hurting. I’m wondering if I should do a discussion chapter, which I have decided I will attempt, and I might actually start this before I do my narrative chapters, to ensure that my meta themes are clearly articulated. A bit annoying, but I am determined to get these ideas properly shaped as I write, otherwise my ideas are crap. Once again, it’s the overarching structure I need for meaning-making. Not easy. And, of course, one year later, I am horrified by the writing I did last year for my confirmation. The writing is clunky and the model I used was horrid. Trying to figure out a decent model for my own work is the key, but I may get myself confused. And, meantime, my writing is still horrid. Ugh.


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