Attending Conferences

Fun, or fraught? Sometimes both. In the last three years I have attended some 10 conferences and I have had some of the most amazing experiences. I have also attended some terrible conferences. I’ve just finished attending and ASME conference on the Gold Coast. I was to attend all four days, but my courage deserted me yesterday. My mother-in-law is in hospital and in the end it was all too much to drive to the Gold Coast, some 45 minutes away to see some papers I was not sure I cared about. I probably would have learned heaps, but sometimes one needs to step back a bit.

So, now I have another paper to send to my supervisor, to talk about potentially publishing it. I’d like to have 6 publications in train by August next year. Can I do it? They take so much energy, but at the same time they’re a great primer for the PhD. Will ponder this.

In the meantime, I am heading to Melbourne for a writing retreat, and I’m both excited and worried about it. I have had some good writing days just recently and I have packed a heap of books to read and all my equipment, but one is never sure how the whole thing will turn out. And because Winter in Melbourne is very cold, I’ve had to pack three coats, boots and various warm things. Should be a good escape, though.


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