Workshops: not sure I like ’em

I gave my workshop to the bunch of third and 4th year PE students yesterday, working with them on voice use, and it went fairly smoothly, I suppose, but I’ve realised something: I don’t really like giving them. I like to build my relationships over time, and there is no time in a workshop to do that. So I subsequently felt I was dictating to the students rather than helping them to learn much needed skills about voice use. And, as is always the case in these instances, I was reflecting-in-action and having to fix things up on the spot. Which is annoying because I spent so long working on the talk, so missing out some little important details just bugs me. I came home feeling quiet and a bit miserable, and soon felt I was not very well, which has translated into today. I’ve been feeling a bit tired and under the weather, sadly nothing to make me not work, but I went to bed for a lie down for several hours yesterday, which was a lovely moment of repose.

But now, of course, I have many things yet to do. I’ve found pretty much all the articles I want to include for the writing retreat on Monday, and I’ve heaps of work to do on it, and I have to spend more time on my transcriptions, which I’ve neglected while doing all this other stuff. I can’t afford to ignore them as I have a paper to deliver in a couple of weeks at ASME, and I’ve not even started it yet!

So Thursday and Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be transcribing, preparing the article by putting together the lit review; preparing my paper. Then, Monday and Tuesday it’s off to the retreat; and then the remainder of the week is getting ready for the ASME conference – three days to prepare my paper. I’ve cut it fine this time! Lucky I’ve a writing retreat of my own coming up.


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