Rolling, rolling, rolling

I submitted my job application last night after spending all Sunday on it. As hubby reminds me, this is a potential investment for the university of millions of dollars: surely one day spent on the application should be compensation the money they may spend on you? I sent off my MSA application. And today I am planning tomorrow’s talk, and doing some transcriptions, because I have decided to use narratives for my talk at ASME and I need them done, STAT! I’ve not finished the transcriptions and may have to extract the parts relating to my talk to get it all prepared in time.

I’ve planned my writing retreat in Melbourne and paid for the tickets, and I’m looking forward to doing some hard work on my narratives in the next few weeks – they have been grossly neglected while I finish my data generation. So, as I race downstairs to prepare the voice care workshop, I’m left to ponder: is it a good idea to leave me at home alone with the dirty dishes and the clothes washing and the floor washing and the dog walking? Hmm?

5.10pm: Well, I got the talk for tomorrow done – it has taken me the best part of 6 hours. Now, I know this seems like a long time, but you see, I got a little sidetracked by reading old papers from my Masters so long ago. What an amazing learning curve it has been, to see my writing style change and become more academic, more rigorous, and less opinionated! Anyway, my talk is done, and I’ve included lots of interesting factoids about voice research and Youtube videos and so on. Should be a good combination of activity and learning about the voice.


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