Determining journal authorship order and other priorities

Interesting how getting my priorities straight has been the focus of my week – I’ve just remembered I also have a paper to prepare for a conference in a fortnight that I’ve not even started. Which will take about 3 full days of hard work, and not even then will I feel like I have done everything I need to do.

So, in order of chronology, I have to: finish and send off my job application; prepare and deliver a 2 hour seminar on safe voice practices for Griffith; prepare and begin to shape the paper for the writing retreat; and prepare my paper for the conference. Not enough hours in the day, already.

And I have yet to finish all my transcriptions, darn it.

On the plus side, I attended a fascinating workshop on authorship and journal writing, which was illuminating. The low down on author order and other ethical concerns was that: if you have been involved in developing the idea, if you have been involved in analysing the data, and if you have been involved in writing the article, you get to be an author on the paper. If you did none of those things, but you secured the funding, or did some minor editing, or collected some of the data but did not then analyse the data, then you don’t get to be on the paper. It’s not fair. So, UQ’s decision to try and clear up this really thorny issue is laudable, but problematic, to say the least. The presenter has come up with a very rational way to determine authorship and percentages, which should provide a fairer way of determining author order. The link to the website that discusses these issues in more detail is here:

So, now that I have determined that author order is important, let me now get back to doing important things of my own.


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