TTD – meeting the daily deadline

Yep, well, I managed to send off my bursary application to the MSA this morning. I’ve been faffing a bit since then, but I’m about to head to Uni to attend a seminar on publishing and journal writing, so I need to have some lunch and head off (let’s face it, I need to get out of my pyjamas and have some breakfast too).

Meeting the deadlines is hard, and I am aware that faff work like yesterday and today can seem unproductive. However, it WAS productive, I have saved all my files in several important places, burned them to CDs just in case my computer completely fails (like it did yesterday when it just gave up the ghost and a screen came down over the open application that said: you need to shut down your computer now. Please depress the start button for several seconds and the computer will close down. ARGH!) I was terrified that I had lost everything, but no, nothing was gone. I DO need to transfer some files to DVD though, just in case. I am chewing through my blank DVDs like there is no tomorrow. And burning files to disc actually takes a while. No, don’t tell me I should put everything on an external hard drive: they die too, you know. And I STILL only have about 10 gig of spare space on the computer – that shows you how much digital room iMovie events and projects take up. Every time I created an event or a project, I lost about 5 gig of hard drive space. Not sure where it all went, but getting the space back is really annoying.

Today I am preparing work for a writing retreat. I am trying to decide on the literature, and having decided on the method, I need to weave threads through about the value of communities of practice, of values and beliefs, of training for professions etc. I’ve not started the article yet. Maybe I should?

And all the other stuff that is just boring: like my RHD portfolio etc etc. Oh for Pete’s sake I have no idea how many societies I am a member of. I can’t remember the articles I’ve written (actually, I can, because I’ve written ONE – count them – ONE peer reviewed book chapter, and one co-authored article). And do CDs count? And job applications – I haven’t had a proper job in a couple of years, so I’ve forgotten how to do them. All boring, but necessary, as usual.

You know what’s really great, though? I don’t have any more work commitments for the next 12 months, apart from my own little teaching practice, so this feels pretty much like I’m in it for the hard slog now. PhD, here I come.


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