Oops. I was wrong.

I thought I had read and completed nearly 50 articles for my Narrative Inquiry annotated bibliography: I was wrong. The numbering system for some reason started at 20 when I checked last night. I will have read and commented on 31. I still feel this is probably enough. But I am disappointed that I’ve not reached the magical 50 – this number, I feel, is the point at which I can relax a little bit and not feel I have to read another 20 articles. Which I do now that I know I’ve only reached 30ish. Bum bum bum. And frankly, I am really sick and tired of sitting down. My back hurts. Time to stop for a bit, have a shower, get dressed, and do some note taking for my interview on Friday. I have about 8 hours of video to review and not really enough time to closely look at the videos 3 or 4 times before my final interview. This shouldn’t matter, as I had seen most of the videos last year several times, but it always helps to revise.



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