Doing the work, and more.

Here is my FB commentary on what I did today: “Just in case anyone thinks I do no work (partly true), I DID read 2 books and 8 articles today, added to my annotated bibliography on narrative inquiry, converted 10 analogue tape videos to movies and prepared my interview schedules. And taught singing for 2 and a half hours, and had a dentist appointment and washed the dishes and took the clothes off the line. And helped cook dinner and took the dog for a walk.”

I have about another 10 articles to read, and then I will have the magical 50 articles on narrative inquiry methods. Because my supervisor knows that I actually do the work, even if I don’t always let her know I do the work. And tomorrow, all three of my morning students have cancelled at short notice, so I can concentrate properly on my PhD work. This is good. I should knock over the Annotated Bibliography by then, or, at the very least, watch and make notes on about 3 videos, for one of my interviews this Friday.

Today, as well as all of the above, I also found time to read the paper, go on FB throughout the day (I know, I know – promises promises), and during my lunch break (which I always have), watch last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, in which a horrible thing occurred right at the end.

Today was a good day. Let there be a year of good days like this one until my PhD is done.


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