The end is in sight!

My study is reaching its end! This week I managed to speak to my participants about having their final interviews, and we have tentatively agreed to meet at the end of next week. I will still have 2 short interviews to complete from the ex-students, but I truly feel I am nearly “there”. Today I listened to a series of my case study tapes from one I’ve not really had time to look at yet, and the improvement to the student’s singing is really apparent in these excerpts. Unfortunately the teacher forgot to date a few of the tapes, so I have had to work out what the dates are by what is said during the lesson! Silly me – I should have asked the teacher to announce the date at the start of every lesson. I will both know this in future, and be able to provide a more streamlined recording system in future – one that does not use tapes, but that uses digital streaming for the recordings.

I have a little vision, which I need to discuss with my supervisor. That is, I think one of the case studies is an amazing study of “place”, or, the difficulty of functioning within a particular place. I think one of the cases is about “people” and the delicate relationship that is forged between teacher and student. And I think the current case is about “time”. It is not necessarily true of the data, but with the current case, time plays such an important role in the evolution of the student’s voice that this might be a critical factor in how I analyse the tapes. At any rate, something to think about and reflect on. If my supervisor agrees, I will be very happy to work within this construct, connected as it is to narrative inquiry methods.

In the meantime, I have another article to prepare and a conference paper to begin. Time travels quickly these days. So, June is coming along as planned. I have nearly completed my bibiography of narrative inquiry methods, which of course has proved very useful, as I knew deep down that it would, and I will create a table of things done and completed, and things yet to do. Then the articles, and the remaining transcripts, and then I need to be very deep in my work until I submit. There is much that needs to be done. FB is definitely taking a back seat!

Now, off to buy yet another cable for yet another very important piece of equipment.


One thought on “The end is in sight!

  1. HI Jess,

    Sounds interesting, especially the influence of place, time and people. I think all of these are VERY valid ways to look at voice lessons. I can think of examples from my own teaching, as I am sure you can. It sounds like it is going to be great study – can’t wait to read it one day 🙂


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