Technology FAIL.

Urgh! After spending lots of time with my participants last week, and downloading their various recordings onto various pieces of equipment, I have found, to my dismay, that one of my recordings has failed to work. Thank goodness I double recorded each of the interviews. I am having trouble with my darling little Sony MP3 recorder, which has decided to go rogue. The recording recorded, it just also recorded a lot of electrostatic, which means the recording is as good as useless. I did FILM the event, but film is harder to transcribe. So I’m not all that happy, Jan, with my little recorder, and of course I didn’t find out about it until today when I began listening to the recordings to transcribe them. Of course, this is the same recorder that failed in the second interview I gave last week, when it claimed it was full, and just switched off and pretended not to have any tracks on it at all. Thank goodness I had my trusty Macbook Pro and was able to record the remainder of the interview on Garage Band, but I haven’t checked that yet and it could all be for nought!

Generally the filming is working, but transcribing, bluntly, is a bitch of a job, and I don’t look forward to anything which makes my job even more difficult. So big breath for tomorrow and off I go again to do the next transcriptions.

Now that all my uni commitments in teaching and research have ended, I have no excuses now not to fully engage with my work, but it’s finding the energy and the motivation and, dare I say, the planning for it. I cannot afford to waste any more time, so I think Facebook is going to take a massive hiatus until I finish the stages I have set myself. Once a day only, I swear.




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