The pieces of the puzzle are being placed.

This week, I have flown to two cities and will travel to a third on Saturday. I have been collecting data for the final phase of my study – the interviews which close off the data generation for the case studies. I have four more interviews to complete: two short interviews with ex-students of the teachers, which can be interviews based mainly on what the teacher and the student did in the lessons and how the pedagogy of teaching was mediated during this time. These short interviews will help to triangulate the data of the cases. I have two more interviews to complete after today for my cases, which I should have by the end of June. This should leave me all of July for my writing retreat to work on the three cases.

In the meantime, however, I will be transcribing the second interviews. This should actually be heaps of fun, because the interviews are much more interesting than the first ones. I was able to develop more interesting observations and tease out more data on the values, beliefs and practices of my participants as they observed the lesson examples I provided. It has been a most enjoyable 24 hours, but now I am very tired and want to go home and must now wait until 8.00pm to go to the plane. Currently I am sitting on the floor of a public library, waiting for my phone to charge as I lean up against a column with a power bracket in it. I love public libraries: they provide free wi-fi and a comfy place to sit (not that I am at all comfortable, but it was my choice to park myself on the floor of the foyer and plug my phone into the column!)

My momentum has been building slowly again, and once I begin the transcriptions it should be an enjoyable phase of discovery again. My supervisor has requested that I do an annotated bibliography on my narrative reading, but I will be leaving this until late June, before I leave for Melbourne and my writing retreat. I got the dreaded email about mid-candidature review: it is due for July 29, which is about perfect timing, and which I was expecting. Not before time, and well within the 6 months requirement.

I have been very slack at times this year, but now I am feeling once again quite refreshed by the data collection, so the rest of the year should come along quite nicely. I suppose if there was a list to prepare, it would be:


  • begin transcriptions of final interviews – finish these 4 in late June.
  • begin annotated bibliography of narrative readings – mid June.
  • view videos of third case and
  • collect interview data from the final case – late June (depending on their timelines).
  • organise ex-student interviews for either June or August.
  • writing retreat for another article.


  • ASME conference
  • writing retreat: finish transcriptions, create draft narratives
  • 29 July mid candidature review – prepare
  • continue writing articles – x2.


  • Narrative drafts continue
  • Reading in narrative inquiry continues, as does readings in Cultural psychology.

After this it all becomes a little uncertain – I hope that my data analysis will continue, but I will be doing some serious writing by September, and should be sending through my drafts to the participants for reading and commentary.

I feel that it is all falling into place now, and with only 4 interviews to go, I feel the certainty of my journey building. This has been a GOOD journey so far, notwithstanding black dogs and bete noirs, wasting time and general angst.

As always, onward and upward I go. 2 friends have either submitted or are about to submit their manuscripts – it sounds terrifying and thrilling at the same time. And, to a certain extent, also depressing and anticlimactic. I look forward to this moment, and also dread it. What a conundrum of conflicting feelings!


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