Fieldwork takes me on the road again!

I’ve had some good news about my study participants: finally, after a nearly a year (which takes me well beyond the time I though it would take to do my fieldwork), I am seeing three of my participants for their final interviews. This, as usual, means that I have to race through various time constraints and prepare my interview questions with only a couple of days to organise everything, including the purchase of more digital film storage (not exactly cheap).

On the plus side, I have done some extensive analysis of one of my case studies already, so the interview for that one should be interesting, as I can target the questions based on what I have already done. The other case study I’ve not spent so much time with the data, but this is no real problem, as I have decided to focus just on the last few lessons. I’m going to show my participants a few minutes from each lesson and ask them some questions about what is happening. There are interesting elements at play in the second case study, which I look forward to asking the participants about.

This latest development will put me on the path to my final case study, and by the time I leave for my next writing retreat, I should have all my case study interviews finished, and the first drafts done of all of my narratives. This is a good development. It puts me on target and once my first drafts are done I will put them away for a while and start reading again. I need to begin my lit review (again), and re-read all the articles I read two years ago.

As is always the case for me, concentrating on the data is a real challenge and while it is not of itself boring, it reminds me of the practice I used to do for piano and cello. One knew it was good for one, and one felt good afterwards, but getting ready to do it is always fraught. I am on target, though.


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