Meetings with the supervisor – a new art form

I’ve just come back from a positive meeting with my supervisor, which, apart from her not wanting to give me a straight answer re how to construct a narrative, she actually finally gave me the answer of how to construct a narrative. Excellent work, Jess. Snaps to me.

Accordingly, for my first narrative (a joyful case study), she has suggested I go for a linear episodic outline, where I start at the beginning of the observations with an account of a specific learning and teaching approach (contextualisation of the aria within a character and plotline), then step back from the account with thoughts from the participants about their life stories and how this approach is influenced by their upbringing/ values and beliefs, which I can then analyse at this point. Then the next episode, repeat steps two and three.

Happy happy joy joy. Finally, some sort of narrative arc. (Supervisor actually said narrative arc!!) Sometimes I just need the big picture. Right. Onward and upward I go.

(The very next day, as if she had guessed at my strategy, Supervisor asked for an annotated bibliography of all my readings on Narrative Inquiry. I’ve ignored this for now, as I will not be drawn into a reading place until I have finished an initial draft of the narrative chapters. Clever supervisor, but I’m not falling for it.)


2 thoughts on “Meetings with the supervisor – a new art form

  1. Thanks Brady! Always a challenge to keep the black dog at bay at times like these. Not that I actually have anything to complain about, which is what makes it worse – the feeling that I don’t deserve to feel depressed (which I don’t). Take care.

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