When writing becomes analysis

This week I have spent a fair amount of time transcribing one 16 minute segment of a singing lesson, and finding the process fascinating, and not as boring as I thought it was going to be. Putting sound, gesture and word together in a written document is nearly always impossible, and certainly is no match for the actual video itself, but I have given it my best shot.

This means, of course, that I have created small picture files (without faces), to better show the movement of the participants, and I have also created small excerpts of the song itself, taken from the original score. This gives the file (apart from some really mean and unhelpful sizing in the png files that I need to alter), a really potentially powerful triple focus. Unfortunately, pictures really do tell a thousand words, even more when they are moving images, so it’s really hard to write this down. The writing itself becomes part of the analysis of the video because I am having to make specific judgments about what to include in the transcript. Which snippets of the score to show, which movement and gestural elements to show, that sort of thing. It has been a very rewarding process, but I am not sure how it will be received. Here’s to tomorrow and my supervisor meeting.


One thought on “When writing becomes analysis

  1. Go get em Jess, I’m sure you’ll do fine. Would love to see your work. Oh, I wanted to send you a few songs (instrumentals) that are pretty relaxing, so I’ve been hearing.
    Take care and good luck tomorrow!

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