Developing skills in problem areas

Today I am giving the third lecture in a series of 12 on Score Reading, Structure and Analysis. I took on the course because it was a way of getting into teaching in universities, but I have to confess I have really struggled to teach it effectively, as it is certainly not my field of expertise. Today, though, I think I might be getting there. Today we are looking at Medieval and Renaissance music. I have chosen several works to analyse, from the lovely Hildegard, to the bright and cheerful Morley work My Bonny Lass she smileth. The one thing I HAVE managed to do quite successfully is to avoid all mention of the Mass. No, I haven’t really, but Masses are really too big to analyse when there are so many other works to look at. So we are having a little teaser with a medieval Kyrie, but mostly in the Renaissance we are looking at Chanson and Madrigal.

Of course, I have to mention the Mass as it is the most common form of music up to and including the 21st century, so the kiddies need to know WHAT it is, even if they don’t really need to know most of how it is made. The Kyrie will do.

But, typically, I have been panicking as I have needed to work on this for at least a week, and I have not had ANY time to do it. I am nearly crying with frustration and tiredness. I have to finish and send out the QLD Coo-ee (nearly done, hurrah), to keep working on my PhD (no time there), do the budget and my timesheets for the ARC, teach my singers, find an accompanist for my students’ exams, have a birthday, diet, exercise, AND try and find time to prepare my Introduction to Research 101 lectures for Mutechs 1 and 5. I am running backwards!

No time, no time.



3 thoughts on “Developing skills in problem areas

  1. That is totally insane. I guess you need to prioritize and take it one step at a time but as quickly as possible. Hope you find the energy and drive. Good luck, that is a huge order.

  2. so the kiddies need to know WHAT it is, even if they don’t really need to know most of how it is made.
    I know they didn’t use Marshall Amplifiers and Les Paul’s. Thanks Jessica, now I have to look it up. Talking to people that are smarter than me is beginning to be a lot of work.

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