Slow and steady wins the race… what race?!

I was feeling overwhelmed with work commitments last week, but I think I am now feeling a little more on top of it all. My lectures at Mt Gravatt are going very well, and I am working well with my colleague in ensuring that our ideas are similar for the students there. I am planning my lectures for MuTech today, and have been in regular contact with the other people there, and I finally handed in the ARC proposal for final editing. While I have not even looked at the budget so far, I am thinking of exciting and interesting ways to approach this. Mostly involving head in sand.

And, surprisingly, even though I feel like I’ve not been able to get to my own work, I have actually done a surprising amount. I have managed to look at a whole case study and am now needing to do my final interview with one of my study participants to finish that case data collection. Again, boring, but engrossing. Must organise a plane flight to another state soon to get some more interviews.

I do need to get to my other participants very soon, as I will fast run out of time to submit anything. I videoed a semester of singing lessons with some fine Australian singing teachers, and interviewed them prior to the videos. Now that this aspect of the data collection has finished, I will view the videos and then select events that emerge as being either critical, pivotal or pedagogical to the lesson series. This is much more tiresome than it sounds. At first viewing of the footage I was enthralled at many moments, but I was also bored by long stretches of video where I perceived nothing much happened. Of course lots did happen, but I was more interested in the learning and teaching episodes where many things were taking place. So, yet more viewings to identify the episodes I want the participants to see, and to talk through with me in the final interview.

It’s an engrossing time, and I will love writing up my findings. But there is so much yet to do!



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