Shooting down the deadlines, one by one!

So, I have an ARC proposal to submit to the Chief Investigator for editing; I am giving a 3 hour lecture/tutorial tomorrow afternoon; I have a meeting with my supervisor on my PhD project on Tuesday; I am teaching all  day Monday, Tuesday afternoon and all of Wednesday; and Friday morning I am heading south for my sister’s wedding. Too much. Too much. But, happy to say, I have now found all my songs for week 2 for my score reading and analysis course. Unfortunately, the students will just have to put up with them all being American songs performed by men, with the lonely exception of the lovely Miss Patsy Cline, who sings Crazy. Oh, ok, and Kylie Minogue, who sings Can’t get you out of my head. Oh! And also Mama Cass, who sings Dream a little dream of me. Otherwise, all the songs are sung by men. And written by men. Which is worse, in a way.

Tomorrow I hope to send through my agenda item (1 only) for my supervisor, and if I am really lucky, I may even have 30 minutes tomorrow night to finish my idea for her. Urgh. I have not had one minute to think about my own research this week. My fault – I don’t prioritize it enough. After next week, though, it’s all mine.

This week has been beastly, too. Not for fun stuff – my sisters came up to visit and I have enjoyed taking them around the place, exploring Brisbane, but I have had no time for my own work at all, and I’m panicking about what I need to do. It’s March already!


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