That sinking feeling again

Just when I thought I had time to do my PhD, along comes some vital and sort of lucrative work lecturing, which means instead of spending Sunday doing my PhD work (I was hot and tired, too), I spent the afternoon preparing my first lecture. The first one always takes hours because it sets up the tone of the rest of the semester. I will be able to spend a lot less time in future preparing for the remainder of the lecture series, but the 1st one is always a killer!. Now I have a few minutes left to vacuum the downstairs floor before I got to work. It never ends. Then, of course, I am teaching for several hours this evening, so I will be totally buggered by Thursday – my teaching is getting busier despite keeping a tight lid on availability, and I am exhausted by Saturday, leaving Sunday a very half-hearted day for study.

This is a roller coaster of a year and I thought I was prepared for the work, but I am finding that my study is kind of losing out to the never ending stream of demands from students and institutions. Not that I am really complaining, it’s just that I want some time to do my stuff and the year is ZIPPING by. Will I ever finish my own work?!


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