Learning how to use the Drop Box on a Mac

Well, this is odd. Trying to move a file from one place to another is really irritating. I am trying two methods today – Drop Box, and Burn to DVD. I’m seeing how long each one takes, and as my file are large, they are taking rather a lot of time. I’m not really sure how Drop Box works: all I know is that I had to give myself privileges to use the drop boxes on either computer, and that I’ve got it working but I don’t know how. I don’t know how the information is transmitted: I plugged my laptop into my desktop but it’s not recognising it as a hard drive because I don’t have a firewire cable – sputter hiss – so I’m thinking perhaps it is over the dreaded wireless, which is pretty woeful. Maybe I should have been doing this last night. Burn to DVD is much faster.

I have my final interview with one of my participants today, and I’m getting a little nervous. I’m looking forward to the process, but I’ve not fully coded all the data, so I’m having to select excerpts to show the participant that relate to themes of teaching; pedagogy and relationship. I feel curiously underprepared, even though I have spent heaps of time looking at the videos this last few weeks. I have seen all the videos, some several times already, and I’ve decided to select various excerpts but I can’t remember exactly which ones refer to what event. My note keeping has become a little ad hoc – not deliberately, it’s just that I inadvertently left my notebook in the wrong place and now my notes are somewhere else. Annoying.



3 thoughts on “Learning how to use the Drop Box on a Mac

  1. I also have a mac and a wordpress blog. I am so frustrated because I don’t understand how to get html links instead of text links and I when I try to install the dropbox bade, the code appears instead. Looks the same as code from facebook badge, which installed fine. I tried to install the Soundcloud drop box, but code appears on page instead of Image, hmmn, maybe I just figured it out. I probably need to install the source code URl for the Image location and a URL for the sith that the Image will take me to when I click on it. Yep, I bet that will work, basically, set it up like a Advertisement.
    It can be tiring trying to have a nice web page. Oh, one way to increase traffic (through soundcloud), social options= only list your blog URL on Soundcloud. This forces people to go to your blog, then when they get there, you can give them the options to click to other sites from yours. I just had a lightbulb moment today and I know this is going to increase my stats. I will have more incoming and other sites will see a lot of traffic coming from me, all good for ad revenue. If I am wrong, Please tell me.

  2. if you have to moderate will you please fix my typo’s URl (should be URL)
    URL for the sith (site) (please fix if you decide to post my comment-then just pitch this, thank you) You sound like you are having an amazing career. I am trying to get mine going again. Maybe you can look at my site and get my music heard in Austrailia. I’ve been writing and recording a long time, but it has never paid off yet, but I think my luck is starting to change. I can just feel it. Thanks and Best Wishes
    Brady Szabo

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