The next five months are killers.

I was doing my 6 monthly timetable yesterday and I started to panic a little. There is so much to do this year, and I still have not collected all my data yet. What a nightmare! Luckily, I’ve built in some writing retreats, so hopefully I will be able to focus on some writing at those moments. But I will need to work for about eight hours a day to achieve my goals this year. And that is not a pretty thought, as I have trouble focusing for eight hours a day. Time to get to it and stop dithering!

I have an interview with one of my participants this week. This has caused me some minor panic as I am in no way prepared for this interview. Nevertheless, it’s a good chance to do some very fast work, and nearly wrap up one of my case studies. I am looking at events in the videos, and I am finding many of the events last for 15/20 minutes. This is far too long for video recall for my participant, so I’m going to have to do some very fast work at editing the video down to a size that is useful for my participant’s comments. Of course, what I am finding is absolutely FASCINATING. I couldn’t remember whether I had created an interview schedule, but today, looking at my work from 2 years ago, yes I had! And it’s all there ready to go. Some other questions I may ask will refer to the original interview and some questions I may have about certain comments the participant made, but basically I’ve already done the work. Whew.



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