I’m angry! In a grumpy old person kind of way.

I just hate it when my day begins badly. Today my day began badly. So, just for a moment, I am going to complain about a few things. The first is Brisbane’s Translink buses. Is it too much to expect a basic timetable to be followed? Is it not too much to wait for a bus for five minutes and have it turn up on the due time? Why do I have to plan to wait either for 10 minutes prior and up to 25 minutes after it is due? And why is it that buses simply fall off the radar when you are sitting there, for 25 minutes, waiting for a bus in the heat, and three of the scheduled buses don’t show? What happens to these buses? Have the drivers just decided to take a break and have a smoko at the back of the shelter shed? Infuriating. I could have driven to work.

And here’s another thing. I finally get into work and the air conditioner is not working. That’s work, home, and my car all with air conditioning issues. It’s only February that’s the bother, it really is. Parts of January too. Is it too much to ask that airconditioning be working? And there’s building works going on outside my room. Noisy, smelly, dusty building works. I can’t open a window, I can’t get any fresh air into the space at all. A minor nightmare.

That’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow.

ADDENDUM: I actually had quite a good day today, in the end: I finished another transcript. Way to go me.


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