I am the motormower! Koo-coo, coo-choo!

Or the Walrus, depending on one’s outlook. I am still struggling to be efficient in my time use when on the computer, but at last I feel like I am plowing through my work! Hence the motormower metaphor. This week I have been forced to abandon my own PhD work in favour of completing some work with the ARC grant I am managing. Today, at last, I feel like I am meeting some targets with this project, although the whole process has been a ring of fire. I guess after one has completed one ARC grant proposal the next time is easier, but at the moment I am swimming in uncharted waters, Walrus like, with no discernible result for my effort.

However, this afternoon, through the fog of government rhetoric and subsections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I, I finally began to understand where the gaps are in our current proposal, and what we need to do to fill those gaps. Or, more specifically, what I need to do. So, this whole process is like pulling a tooth, but a tooth that takes about 6 months to pull out. It’s slow, painful, and not like having a baby, in case you wondered where the birthing metaphors were, because at the end of this process there is always the possibility of the termination of the whole idea, when the government decides that this proposal is one of the 78% that doesn’t get through this round. Never mind we have spent about 6 months on it, lavishing attention on each word, on each delicate, flowering idea, nurturing the brainwaves of brilliant minds so that we can have some money to go do research on our chosen idea. If the government decides our project is not up to it, then it is OVAH!

I think I’d better stop before the metaphors take over.


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